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Christmas Babies - Christmas 2004

Stencilled, red and purple card pieces hung on a metallic, purple ribbon plus stencilled, coloured and folded Christmas card and matching envelope. Metallic stencilling paint.

The thought behind this card design is that many notable people were Christmas babies ie. born on December 25th and there are official records that can confirm that they were born on this date. The irony is that, at Christmas, although we are celebrating the birth of a very famous baby named Jesus, no one actually knows his true birth date - many speculate that it is likely to have been at harvest time, but no-one knows. So all the Christmas Babies depicted on the cards, except Jesus,  have their date of birth underneath.

I decided to use the very popular idea of baby footprints, stencilled on to each card. Then I threaded them on ribbon to make a hanging decoration.

Christmas Babies - Christmas 2004 Christmas Babies - Christmas 2004 Christmas Babies - Christmas 2004
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