Lucky Dip : Cyanotypes

Part Memory (Nursery Portrait)

Repeated images of a nursery portrait photo, variously printed on paper/fabric/acetate using inkjet printing, photographic printing from negative, hand-tinting, ink drawing, cyanotypes on paper and fabric and monoprints. All attached to lace trim to create bunting.

I remember having this photo taken at nursery, age 5. I remember the chalk, the feel/look of the patterned, cotton,home-made dress and refusing to look at the camera. The photo reminds me, but there is so much I can't remember. I made at least twenty different depictions of this photo of myself, using cyanotypes, photographic negatives, prints, fabric and lace. The piece was exhibited at the 'Remind Me to Remember' exhibition at the Open Hand Open Space gallery in Reading, as a ten metre length of bunting.

Part Memory (Nursery Portrait) Part Memory (Nursery Portrait) Part Memory (Nursery Portrait) Part Memory (Nursery Portrait)
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